The Ultimate Guide to NBA TopShot — digital NBA collectibles on the blockchain

Quick summary

Make it yours. Collect unique NBA moments, share, trade, play with them. Source: NBA TopShot
NBA TopShot Marketplace. Source: NBA TopShot

What can I do with these moments

King James’ moments cost a bit more, obviously. Source: NBA TopShot
Showcase featuring the next generation of German NBA talents. Source: NBA TopShot
Tyler Herro helping us to get that first place during the fantasy sports competition

How can I get my hands on these moments

Packs that are for sale directly on TopShot. Source: NBA TopShot
An overview of Sets including collection progress. Souce: NBA TopShot

What makes a specific moment more desirable + valuable

Ky Bowman listing on the Marketplace. Source: NBA TopShot

Be social

Example live pack breaks. Watch out for the special prizes.

What’s next

🏀Strictly for ballers. Building tools and products around NBA TopShot. On-chain intel as the secret edge🏀

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